Sitting With Warrior by Carl Hitchens

Carl Hitchens tells his readers in Sitting With Warrior (iUniverse, 180 pp., $13.95, paper) that this book is a “work of personal memoir, myth and spirituality,” so I can’t tell you when and where Hitchens served his time as a Marine in Southeast Asia, not for sure. His book alternates prose chapters with poetry-like chapters.

The time period could be 1968 to 1969 and Hill 37 is mentioned in this myth-heavy book. It is a carefully edited and physically beautiful book, but ultimately it remains a mystery, and is enigmatic to this reader. Perhaps the author is an American Indian and perhaps he served in Quang Nam Province. But as the author warns us up front, “this is a dream.”  Okay.

For more info, go to the author’s website.

—David Willson