Facing the Wall by Mary S. King

Mary S. King does a very good job of describing what life has been like for her, for her husband Jim, and for their two sons as the family has faced his severe PTSD since he came home from a Marine tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969 in the revised and expanded second edition of Facing the Wall: A Mission: A Never-Ending Journey: PTSD Is a Family Issue (Xlibris, 159 pp., $29.99, hardcover; $19.99, paper).

For decades, Jim King suffered from debilitating nightmares and flashbacks. He could not work a normal job. He underwent treatment in VA hospitals; he had serious physical health problems. Mary King stuck by her husband and records what she and her family went through in her short, well-written book.

“I have the benefit of being allowed into a small window and seeing through a Nam vet’s eyes and hearing in [his] own words about the anxiety and spiritual wounding of PTSD,” she writes.

—Marc Leepson