Our War by David W. Taylor

David W. Taylor served as an infantry platoon leader with the 5th/46th Battalion of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade in the Americal Division in 1969 in Vietnam where he was severely wounded. A past National Commander of the Americal Division Veterans Assocation and the author of many articles about the Vietnam War, he is uniquely qualified to write his battalion’s history.

And that’s exactly what Taylor, a retired Army Special Forces colonel, has done in Our War: The History and Sacrifices of an Infantry Battalion in the Vietnam War, 1968-1971 (War Journal Publishing, 689 pp., $35.50). This massive, detailed book goes beyond
standard unit histories that rely heavily on excerpted official reports, charts and tables. Instead, Taylor has put together a readable, narrative history filled with accounts of the daily lives of the men of his battalion as they slugged it out with the Viet Cong and NVA.

“I believe the experiences of the 5th/46th Infantry Battalion in Our War is a microcosm of the war itself,” Taylor says. “The battalion encountered every type of terrain of the Vietnam War, from the marshy lowlands to the rolling Piedmont with hills and thick vegetation, to the mountainous jungles with triple canopy jungle. We even served on patrol boats, which were common in the Delta, on the headwaters of the Tra Bong River just south of Chu Lai.”

For more info, go to the author’s website, www.warjournalpub.com/selection.htm

—Marc Leepson