Welcome Home by Patty Hardin

Welcome Home: Veterans Share Their Memories of ‘Nam (Home’s River Publications, 130 pp., $10, paper) is a compilation of nineteen short, first-person stories of Vietnam veterans put together by Patty Hardin.

“For the past few years I’ve made a point of saying thank you to the Vietnam veterans I meet,” Hardin, who lives in Long Beach, Washington, told us when she was putting the book together. “It is important to me that these men and women are acknowledged in a positive way for their service to our country. I am amazed, and most of all humbled, by the trust these veterans have shown me by telling their stories and loaning me priceless research materials.”

The book includes photos of some of the veterans in Vietnam. Most speak of how and why they wound up in the military in Vietnam, their tours of duty, and their homecomings. Nearly all of the stories are very short, with several exceptions, including an eleven-part entry by former infantryman Dennis Galetti, Sr., who did a 1969 tour of duty in Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division’s 3/47th Infantry.

For ordering information, email the author at sharkey51@centurytel.net

—Marc Leepson