Land of the Homeless Brave by Aleda J. Marshall

Aleda J. Marshall’s Land of the Homeless Brave (CreateSpace, 126 pp., $6.99, paper) is a novel centered around a homeless Vietnam veteran. Told in the second person, the book is infused with many biblical quotations.

Here’s one example, a passage in which the author describes the thoughts of the homeless veteran about his marriage after his return from the war:

“All that women’s liberation stuff was spreading across the country like wildfire. It sure was not helping marriages. The divorce rate was on the rise. However, in your household, you were the boss, the King of your castle. Yep, you figured the world would be a better place if those women’s libbers would just read this portion of the Scriptures.

“Thank God your wife read her Bible and for the most part, that gave you peace. Back then, there would have been a lot more peace in more family homes, if more women focused on what the Bible told them. Continuing on in Ephesians, you read in verses 5:25, 28, and 29….”

The author tells us that fifty percent “of all net royalty proceeds will be donated to the housing of HOMELESS WAR VETERANS.”

—Marc Leepson