Tunesmith Chronicles by Lem Genovese

“This is a book of testimony by the product of a 2nd generation Sicilian-American family from the middle class of the Midwestern United States.” That, in a nutshell, is how Lem Genovese describes his new “memoir/narrative,” Tunesmith Chronicles: A Musical History Tour (First Aviation Publishing, 551 pp., paper).

The result of three years of research, writing and editing, Genovese’s book covers much more than his time in the Army and the Iowa National Guard and his tours of duty in Vietnam and in the first Persian Gulf War. The book also includes a good deal about Genovese’s musical career. And it contains the author’s thoughts on subjects such as Vietnam War history, the My Lai massacre, Agent Orange, PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, and Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Throughout the book, Genovese includes his life story, much of which has to do with his music. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitar player, Genovese has been performing and recording his own music (much of which deals with the Vietnam War and military service) for more than four decades.

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—Marc Leepson