Military Memories Guest Book Archives by Robert Heurung

Vietnam veteran Robert Heurung created a website called Military Memories in 1997. “The purpose of this website is to: Support Military Troops and Veterans, Honor our Fallen Comrades, Increase Awareness of the POW/MIA Issue,” Heurung writes in Military Memories Guestbook Archives, 10/1998-3/2012 (xlibris, 727 pp., $23.99, paper), a compilation of about 5,000 short posts people have sent to the website.

The website also includes photos of Danang and the surrounding area that Heurung took while serving as a U.S. Navy Seabee in Vietnam from February 1968 to March 1969. There also is a link to the website of VVA’s Central Minnesota Chapter Chapter 290.

Here’s a typical entry in the book, chosen at random. Dated April 4, 2007, it’s from a veteran in New Jersey: “I could not believe it. Here I was just passing some time and came upon your website via YAHOO. I was at Camp Tehn Sha Feb 68 to Mar 69. I just called a buddy who was there at the same time. He went nuts when he found out there is a page out there if you ever want more pictures or are in the New York area I work at the Statue of Liberty. My # is …. Welcome Home Brother!”

—Marc Leepson