Once Upon a Time in South Chicago by Robert Stanley

Robert Stanley tells us that Once Upon a Time in Chicago & the 1st Cav (Superior Copies, 160 pp. $15, paperback), his book about the blue-collar neighborhood where he grew up and his time in the Vietnam War, contains “a bunch of errors in grammar.” He is correct about that.

The book also contains a sprightly written look at Stanley’s working-class South Chicago neighborhood and his thirteen months in Vietnam beginning in March of 1968.

The loosely bound volume contains lots of graphics, including copies of letters Stanley wrote home from Vietnam, newspaper clippings, pictures he took in country, and shots of street scenes and old friends on the east side of South Chicago.

In addition to his own story, Stanley lets others from his neighborhood tell their own short Vietnam War and other stories.

Rob Stanley was drafted into the Army in August of 1967 at age nineteen. He had Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, then Radio Operator AIT at Fort Huachuca. Stanley served in Vietnam with the 1st of the 5th in the 1st Cavalry Division. He had an eventful tour, seeing more than his share of action from near the DMZ to Tay Ninh. Stanley extended his Vietnam tour to get an early out.

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—Marc Leepson