Restless Hearts by Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker, who spent twenty-eight years in the Navy, has chosen a unique way to honor a group of service members who died in uniform: his book Restless Hearts: What If Fallen Heroes Could Go Home?  (Abbott Press, 176 pp., $30.95, hardcover; $13.99, paper), a novel that uses their real names.

The book is “a fictional novel that honors all military, including active duty, reserve, and veteran servicemen and servicewomen,” Baker says. “This is a tale of hope and destiny” intended “to evoke the thoughts of the reader to examine what possibilities exist, and the resultant heartache when there are abrupt endings to life.”

Dennis Baker

The seven men are Richard Allan Wood, Allan Arlyn Milk, Andrew Carl Brucher, Leslie Anthony Burr, Charles Ernest Koberlein, and Frank Leonardo, who died in the Vietnam War, and Peter Baker, who perished in World War II.

The book, Baker explains, “is my way of apologizing to the many families who have been left behind without closure about the deaths of their loved ones. It is also a tribute to those who gallantly gave, and in so many ways, continue to give to their country.”

—Marc Leepson

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