Shock Waves by Cynthia Orange

Cynthia Orange’s Shock Waves: A Practical Guide to Living With a Loved One’s PTSD (Hazelden, 187 pp., $14.95, paper) lives up to its subtitle. Orange, who is married to a Vietnam veteran with PTSD, has written a useful guidebook for anyone living with someone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder—whether it stems from being in combat or from going thorough any other type of traumatic event.

Orange, who has written extensively about this topic, also helps run a PTSD caregivers’ support group.

—Marc Leepson


From the Jungle to the Boardroom by Mike Monahan

Vietnam veteran Mike Monahan is a well-known speaker in the personal-development field. His book, From the Jungle to the Boardroom (Beacon Publishing, 150 pp., $20), provides business leadership lessons based on those that the author learned during his 1969-70 tour of duty in Vietnam. 

Monahan opens the book with two very short chapters on his year in the war zone. “I’m proud that I served in Vietnam,” he says, “but hate the fact that we never seem to learn from our mistakes.”

The balance of this readable book deals with the three questions that Monahan asked himself in Vietnam and ones, he says, he still asks himself each day: “Am I prepared? Am I safe? Am I alone?” 

These are “leadership questions,” Monahan says. “We’re all leaders, twenty-four hours a day—we’re leading ourselves and we’re leading others at work and at home.”

The author’s website is

—Marc Leepson