The Escapes and My Journey to Freedom by Du Hua

Du Hua is no friend of the communist government of his home country of Vietnam. “Communism has imprinted evil images in my brain since I was a little boy,” he writes in his memoir, The Escapes and My Journey to Freedom (AuthorHouse, 236 pp., $27.95, hardcover; $16.95, paper). “I have witnessed many and I can’t say enough about the pernicious and horrific acts of the Vietnamese Communist regime.”

The government, he says, “continues to take the core principles of humanity away from the people of Vietnam.  Absolutely no freedom of any kind exists in the beautiful country of Vietnam. Suffering and darkness continue to spread all over the sky of Vietnam.”

The “escapes” of the book title refer to the ten attempts that Du Hau made trying to flee his homeland in the 1970s and 1980s following the communist takeover in 1975. Du Hua finally succeeded on his eleventh try in June 1981. A little more than a year later he arrived in the United States. In 1987, Du Hua joined the U.S. Navy, but his naval career was cut short in 1993 after he suffered a severe lower back injury.

Du Hua today lives with his family in Florida where he is a pharmacist. “Because of my own medical conditions,” he says, he has “a lot of compassion for my patients. I always wanted to do what I could to help my people.”

—Marc Leepson